Monday, December 07, 2015


Our church bulletin at St. Thomas has really good fillers.  One of them yesterday was entitled Christmas Thoughts, by an anonymous author.

It's sharing your gifts, not purchasing gifts;
It's not wrapping presents, it's being present
and wrapping your arms around the ones you love;
It's not getting Christmas cards out on time,
It's sending any card, anytime, at the right time;
It's not having the biggest and best
Christmas light display,
It's displaying the Christ light
that comes from your heart;
It's not Santa coming down the chimney,
It's Jesus coming down from heaven,
and giving us the gift of eternal life.
The part that comforted me particularly was the idea that Christmas is not about getting Christmas cards out on time.  The only time I ever managed to do that was when I started sending them out in July.  I like getting Christmas cards, and buying Christmas cards, and I always have big plans for sending Christmas cards, because I really want to share some good cheer, love, and hope.  But I get stuck.  Right now, my grand total is up to 6.
I've been trying to figure this out . . . 
Could it be that I miss those people?  Miss them a lot? 

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