Sunday, November 29, 2015


In the unlikely event that I will die at midnight tonight, here are my final instructions for all those I care about (you know who you are).  Failure to comply may result in hauntings, unexplained disasters, terminal guilt, and bad karma.

1. Love each other.

2. Share your stuff.

3. Pray together (really -- it works).

4. Every day, do something you really want to do (unless it's illegal, immoral, or deadly).

5. If you are feeling depressed, give someone a helping hand, a smile, and or a word of encouragement.  Repeat as necessary.

6. Think of some way to detoxify and revitalize the environment for yourself and the fellow tenants of Planet Earth.  Then get started.

7. When in doubt, keep your mouth shut.  It is easier to say something later, after thinking things through, than it is to delete something you blurted out in the heat of the moment.

8. Take the time to make your compliments sincere and specific.

9. Don't judge people before you have had a chance to get to know them.

10. Don't use #9 as an excuse to avoid holding people accountable for their choices and actions.

12. Stop wasting time, energy, opportunities, and other resources at your disposal.  Today may your last chance to create something beautiful, useful, or inspiring.

13. Make your own music.  If you don't know how, start learning.

14. Improve your cooking skills.

15. Grow your own food, even if it is only a pot of herbs on your windowsill.

16. Make friends with your emotions.  There is no escape from inner turmoil.  The first step to taming your monsters is to acknowledge their existence.

17. Don't confuse DE NILE, a river in Egypt, with DENIAL, a toxic way of life. 

18. Hug those you love whenever you get the chance; respect the preferences of those who prefer a different form of communication.

19. Get to know animals and enjoy their antics, but don't mistake them for people.

20. When someone gives you advice, take what you can use and forgive the rest.  No matter what the outcome is, you and only you are responsible for your choices.

21. Remember that an honest enemy is generally less dangerous than a dishonest friend.

22. Go outside without your phone.  If you are scared to do this, take a friend with you.

23. Take time to observe yourself and others without judging.  Leave the Final Answer to God.

24. Take care of your body.  No replacements will be issued.

25. If you miss me, read my blogs.

These statements reflect my thoughts, feeling, and priorities today.  They are subject to additions, deletions, and amendments without notice.

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