Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Avoiding or Embracing? Let me Count the Ways

(January 31/07)

Ten Ways I Avoid Feeling Potentially Overwhelming Emotions:

1. Tackle something on my "shit list" (things I SHOULD do, but don't want to).

2. Ponder theoretical cosmic issues.

3. Engage in process addiction.

4. Shop.

5. Criticize or advise others.

6. Write essays.

7. Do good deeds.

8. Read or watch TV.

9. Cook and/or eat.

10. Worry.

Ten Ways I Ground Myself in Preparation for Releasing Potentially Overwhelming Emotions:

1. Knit.

2. Make music or listen to music.

3. Write poetry or songs.

4. Sing.

5. Daydream/fantasize/imagine stories.

6. Take a bath.

7. Walk a dog.

8. Ride my bike.

9. Talk to a close friend who is in the mood to listen.

10. Pray/meditate.

Why I do my Therapeutic Work in a Public Place

1. I feel safer. When I imagine someone reading this, I feel that somebody cares. I blog, therefore I am.

2. Except for one instance, I have never achieved a sufficient level of dysfunction to warrant therapy and the personal attention it implies.

3. Non-intrusive self-disclosure may help others who are struggling with similar issues.

4. Blogging spares people who don't want to know what's really going on with me.

5. If somebody says, "How's it going?" I can answer, "Read my blog."

6. Sometimes I meet new people.

7. It feels more creative and significant this way.

8. Maybe a famous author will use me as material for a novel and give me second-hand fame.

9. I am forced to be clear and specific to avoid confusing my potential audience.

10. I keep hoping that everything I've suffered and learned will go on to benefit the world, even after I'm gone.

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